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Book Marketing Tips for Beginners

In many ways, publishing a book is just like launching a new business. You can’t sell anything if you’re not advertising it. And branding matters. 

    1. Get a professional cover design (or learn how to create one). 

    2. Set up (or hire someone to build) an author website where you can sell signed copies of your book and direct readers to learn more about you and your work.

Publishing is a long-game endeavor, so you want to begin marketing as soon as possible. Ideally, book marketing should begin approximately six months before release, but it’s never too late to start. As soon as you have the front cover design, start advertising on social media and drive traffic to your website by offering incentives for subscribers to join an email marketing list. As your readership grows, that email list will become one of your most valuable resources.

  • Set up readings at local libraries, bookstores, and coffee houses, and bring copies to sign and sell to attendees.
  • Create a press kit for local magazines, news, and radio stations, and try to schedule appearance dates around your book release date.
  • Establish a presence on YouTube and/or TikTok where you can connect with current and potential readers. Podcasts are also a fabulous way to build a following; it doesn’t even have to be about your writing! Talking about whatever you’re passionate about can help sell books.

A tremendous amount of the marketing budget for a new film or television show goes into making the actor(s) seem relatable to fans, and things aren’t much different for authors. Readers want to connect with you. They are looking for things to like about you that will make them want to read your work.

  • Launch a channel or podcast that will help you connect with people who will become avid fans and readers of your work.
  • Participate in social media in a genuine and accessible way. No one wants to be hammered with advertising for anything, so post from the heart, and once or twice a week throw in an advertisement for your work and/or an incentive to join your email marketing list. And be sure to direct followers to your other networks, especially if you launch a channel.
  • Build positive online relationships with other authors who will promote your work to their networks—and be sure to return the favor. Readers are voracious. Fellow authors are your allies, not your competition!
  • Offer copies of your book as prizes. Local radio shows, magazines, or nonprofits will provide you with valuable publicity if you give them a few books to offer to their audience as prizes.
  • Do giveaways and share positive reader reviews with your social media audience.
  • Reviews sell books. Garner as many book reviews as possible. Fortunately, Bigfoot Reviews was created to make that process easier, and we’re happy you’re here!

Happy Hunting!

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